Frequently Asked Questions

ANSWER: Dependent and self-employed foreigners in Turkey, foreigners who are receiving vocational training with an employer and real and legal persons that employ foreign persons.

ANSWER: According to Law No. 4817 on Work Permits of Foreigners, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is the authority to grant work permits to foreigners. However, provided that the Ministry of Labor and Social Security provides information;

  • The Ministry of Economy (foreigners to work in free zones), work permits of foreigners to work in free zones are given by Ministry of Economy, Free Zones, Overseas Investments and Services in accordance with Article 10 of the Free Zones Law No. 3218.
    · The Council of Higher Education (for foreign lecturers who will work in universities), the work permits of the academic staff working in the universities are given by YÖK within the scope of article 34 of Higher Education Law No. 2547.

ANSWER: Work permit applications are made by employers, persons or organisations who wish to employ foreign persons. The procedures and principles of the applications are given in detail on the Ministry website, and the application guidelines prepared separately for the various sectors can also be found on the site.

1-Application Abroad: The first application for a work permit from abroad by foreigners shall be done to representatives of the Republic of Turkey in their own countries or where they permanently reside. During this application, the employment agreement signed in Turkey with the employer (or assignment/engagement letter) shall be submitted to the council. In case of acceptance of the application, a reference number is given to the foreigner by the representative office. The employer or employer’s representative in Turkey, by getting an e-government password from the PTT, shall enter the system with the reference number located on the work permit application. For applications made through our foreign representatives, it is mandatory for the employer in Turkey to make an electronic work permit application online within 10 business days and within the same 10 business days, the required documents must be delivered to the Ministry. The employment agreement signed by both parties due to the foreigner not being present in Turkey must also be sent.

2-Domestic Application: In Turkey, except for the residence permit for undergraduate and graduate education, can any reason for referring to at least six months duration have received a residence permit and foreigners whose permits have not expired may apply domestically (Without need for application to a representative of the Republic of Turkey) from the Social Security Ministry. Upon the completion of the work permit application to be made online, the application form must be signed and the form must be submitted to the Ministry within 6 working days.

ANSWER: The decision of the Ministry (Permission or refusal) regarding the foreigners resulting from the work permit application is notified to the relevant employer by e-mail. In the case of applications made from abroad, the result is also notified to the relevant external representative online. If a work permit is granted, the foreigner must apply to the foreign agency where he/she applies and pay the tuition fee and visa fee. Individuals can enter Turkey after the visa sticker has been affixed to the exterior of foreigner’s passport by the representative. The work permits of the foreigners entering the country without paying the said fees are not valid. The issued work permit card is sent to the employer’s address by PTT Kargo.

ANSWER: The decision of the Ministry may be objected to by the concerned parties within thirty days from the date of notification of the decision of the Ministry to refuse issuing or the extension of the work permit, cancelling or voiding the validity of a work permit. Appeals are made online through the system. If the objection is rejected by the Ministry, administrative jurisdiction may be applied.

ANSWER: It is possible to apply for a work permit again for foreigners whose work permit request was rejected.

ANSWER: According to Law No. 4817 on Work Permits for Foreigners, three different types of work permits can be issued to foreigners.

1-Definite work permit

2-Indefinite Work Permit;

3-Independent work permit;

ANSWER: Turkey is a party in the bilateral or multilateral agreements unless otherwise provided, the situation in the labour market, work progress in life, cyclical sector and economic related employment considering changes, according to the duration of work or foreign business contracts, most to work in a particular company and a particular profession for a period of 1 year. After one year legal working period; the duration of the work permit can be extended by a maximum of two years “to work in the same office or in the same business and in the same profession. At the end of a three-year statutory period of work, the duration of the work permit may be extended by a maximum of, three years in order to work with the employer of his/her choice.

ANSWER: Turkey is a party in the bilateral or multilateral agreements unless otherwise provided and reserving the rights of foreigners who have received indefinite work permits before 11/4/2014; individuals with long-term residency right pursuant to the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458 or individuals who have resided in Turkey for eight consecutive years with a residency permit or worked legally for at least eight years may be eligible for indefinite work permits.

In case the workplace or the workplace address of the foreigner working indefinitely changes, the Ministry shall be notified to the Ministry within fifteen days at the latest according to Article 18 of the Law. The Ministry shall inform the relevant authorities by making necessary changes in the work permit which is indefinite according to the information and documents sent.

ANSWER: Foreigners who are legally and permanently residing in Turkey for at least five years may be granted an independent work permit provided that their work will create added value for economic development and will have a positive impact on employment.

ANSWER: Turkey is a party in the bilateral or multilateral agreement unless otherwise provided;

  • Foreigners who are married to Turkish citizens and live with their spouse in Turkey in a marital union or who have been divorced after the marriage has lasted at least three years and their children from their marriage with their Turkish spouse,
  • Those who lost Turkish citizenship under the Turkish Citizenship Law 19, 27 and 28, and their dependents,
  • Born in Turkey or to its national law, stateless According to Turkish legislation come to Turkey before reaching lawful age and attending vocational schools, high school or college in Turkey,
  • The citizens of the European Union and their spouses and children who are not citizens of the European Union,
  • Foreign government officials in the offices of the consulate and in international organisations and embassies in Turkey, diplomats, administrative and become the basis of reciprocity with employees in the technical staff’s service and his term with limited stay to embassies in Turkey, consulates and diplomats and administrative and technical personnel employed in the offices of international organisations his/her spouse and children,
  • With a period in excess of four months or more for the purpose of sporting activities, scientific and cultural activities temporarily to foreigners coming to Turkey,
  • Foreigners authorised by Ministries, the Law and public institutions and organisations to acquire goods and services through a contract or tender procedures, to carry out work or to be employed in the operation of a facility,
  • Foreign and stateless persons applying for international protection and granted conditional refugee status by the Ministry of Interior,

Work permits may be granted without being subject to the periods stipulated in Law No. 4817.

In order to extend the duration of a work permit granted by the Ministry; the extension of the work permit must be submitted within two months of the expiry of the work permit. The extension applications made within fifteen days after the expiry of the work permit have been taken into consideration. In case of extension of the work permit, the start date of the extended work permit is the date on which the expired work permit expires.

The request for extension of the work permit is made in electronic form as in the first application and then the application form is signed by the foreigner and employer in paper form and delivered to the Ministry in person or by post within six working days.

Foreigners who have an application for extension of the work permit may continue to work in the same workplace and occupation for a period of not exceeding forty-five days from the end of the work permit period and not having the nature of the work done. Work within this period is considered as legal work and the obligations of the foreigner, the relevant authorities and the employer continue in the same way.

ANSWER: In accordance with the Law on Fees numbered 492, work permits to be given to foreigners are subject to a fee. Work permit and residence permit fees should be paid according to the permission period to be given if requested by the Ministry. Tuition amounts are determined based on the revaluation rate every year and published in the Official Gazette.   The mortgage must be deposited before work permit applications and time extensions are issued. Fees are deposited to the authorised branches of the Bank and no receipt is required to the Ministry for payment. Mortgage payments are made by the Ministry of Finance through the existing online system and permission is issued.  For applications made from abroad, work and residence permit fees are paid by the foreigner to the relevant external representative while working visa is obtained.  In accordance with Article 27 of Law No. 6458, as the work permits are also replaced by a residence permit, in the case of work permit applications considered as positive by the Ministry, the work permit fee, as well as the residence permit fee, are requested by the Ministry.

 ANSWER: Within the framework of Article 28 of the Turkish Citizenship Law no. 5901, those who have received the Blue Card or who are eligible to be accepted, are not required to obtain a work permit from the Ministry in accordance with the provisions of the Law no 4817, provided that the obligations in our national legislation are fulfilled and the matters in the special laws are reserved regarding the execution of the profession. The Ministry of Finance does not ask for work permit requests of those who are within this scope.

ANSWER: Pursuant to Article 20 of the Law on Inspection: The Ministry of Labor Inspectors and the Social Security Authority inspectors are audited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the employers who fulfil the obligations of this law. Examination and inspection personnel of the general budget and annexed budget administrations shall also supervise whether foreigners’ employers and foreigners have fulfilled their obligations under this Law during all kinds of inspections and inspections to be made in their workplaces in accordance with their own legislation. Audit results are also notified to the Ministry. In addition to the inspection and inspection personnel of the general and special budget administrations, the law enforcement officers are obliged to inform the Ministry if any foreigners employing foreign inspectors during inspection, inspection and control in their workplaces and foreigners failing to fulfil their obligations arising from Law no 4817. Pursuant to this regulation made in order to ensure a more effective struggle with illegal employment, the Ministry and the Provincial Directorates of the Labor and Employment Agency apply the administrative fines and other sanctions foreseen in this Law in accordance with the minutes and reports.

Administrative fines are imposed on foreigners and their employers who are found to work without a work permit. The employer or employer representative who does not have a work permit must meet the expenses of the foreigners and their spouses and children if any, and the expenses for return to their countries and health expenses when necessary. In the case of repeated work, administrative fines are increased by one fold. The foreigner who is an independent worker without a work permit is given an administrative fine and the workplace or workplaces are closed, if applicable. The entry, passport, visa and residence permit issues of foreigners relating to Turkey determined to work without permission are examined and the procedures for expulsion of illegal persons are carried out by the Police authorities.

Answer: Foreign teachers working under the jurisdiction of embassies or consulates in Turkey does not require a separate work permit issued from the Ministry. Within this scope, foreigners work with a residence permit with the purpose of work issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs following their application through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Bylaw Article.54)

Answer: There are currently laws in force restricting the working life of foreigners. As a matter of fact, in Article 13, paragraph 2 of Law No. 4817, this matter was clarified and the provision “The provisions of other laws regarding the work and occupations that foreigners cannot work are reserved.” was included. In this respect, it is not possible to work in occupations and professions which are included in the special laws of foreigners within the scope of the exemption period and those granted only for Turkish citizens. Professions and duties that cannot be granted a work permit to foreigners are published on the Ministry’s website.

ANSWER: (1) Provisions stipulated in special laws shall be reserved and provided that the foreigner and the employer fulfil their obligations under other laws;

  • Turkey is a party to bilateral or multilateral agreements are exempted from the work permit,
  • Foreigners whose permanent place of residence is abroad that will come to turkey for less than a month for scientific, cultural and artistic activities and less than four months for sportive activities,
  • Installation of imported machinery and equipment to Turkey, maintenance and repair, receive training on the use of machines or equipment malfunctions or for the repair of vehicles in Turkey; (Amended statement: RG-22/1 / 2015-29244) from the date of entry into Turkey to exceed a total of three months in a year and the condition of incoming documents to be submitted to prove with this situation,
  • Exported from Turkey or imported to Turkey goods and education (Amended statement: RG-22/1/2015-29244) on the use of services to more than three months within one year from the date of entry into Turkey and provided to prove with documents to be submitted to the situation of those in Turkey,
  • Licensed to operate outside the boundaries of business tourism trade fairs and shows and similar officials in circuses as to exceed six months from the date of entry into Turkey and those who provided the documents to be submitted to prove this situation,
  • Foreigners who come to increase their knowledge and experience for universities, public institutions and organisations by proving their status with documents not to exceed two years and limited to the duration of education,
  • Socio-cultural and important services to Turkey in a period not exceeding six months in subjects with technological training and those reported by the relevant authorities may contribute,
  • Foreigners who wish to come for the duration of the programs carried out by the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center (National Agency),
  •  Foreigners to work as interns in line with the scope and duration of internship programs agreed by the Ministry, the Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Affairs and the Council of Higher Education,
  • Foreign tour operator representatives travelling to Turkey whose incumbency shall not pass eight months,
  • The Turkey Football Federation of Youth and Sports General Directorate of demands or eligible foreign players and other athletes and coaches during the duration of their contract,
  • According to the I / 10 Rules of the International Convention on Education, Certification and Shift Standards provided by Gemiadamları, foreign seafarers working on ships operating in and out of the cabotage line of Turkish International Ship Registry, which has received a Certificate of Conformity Approval from the relevant administration,
  • Foreign experts assigned to projects carried out in the context Turkey-EU Financial Cooperation Program during the duration of their work,

are not required to obtain work permits.

(2) If foreign architects, engineers and city planners who are subject to exemption provisions exceed the service period of one month, they should complete their academic and professional qualifications, get a work permit from the Ministry, be a temporary member of the relevant professional organisation and comply with the practices of national institutions and organisations.

(3) Exemption periods cannot be extended. In addition, foreigners within the scope of subparagraphs (Repealed expression: OG-22/1 / 2015-29244) (…), (d), (f) and (h) of the first paragraph shall only benefit from the exemption provisions in a calendar year. However, in order to benefit from this right, the residence permit which the foreigner had previously received for the same purpose is required to have passed three months from the expiry date. In case of more work than the exemption periods, a work permit must be obtained from the Ministry.

(4) the first paragraph (c) and (d) to foreigners under item from the date of entry into Turkey within a year, not to exceed three months total duration of stay in Turkey, multiple entries to Turkey is provided.

ANSWER: a visa for the purpose advent exempted foreigners coming to Turkey from the date of their arrival in the country at the latest within thirty days, and develop goals before starting any event activities, for how long and with information about where they would remain obliged to report to the police authorities of their current residency.

ANSWER: For foreigners who will benefit from the exemption provisions, it is obligatory to fulfil the obligations related to social security as well as the foreigners who have a work permit.

ANSWER: In domestic applications, within 30 days following the approval of the application, in case of applications from abroad, the insured entry of SSI insured (within the minimum wage declared to the Ministry) within 30 days from the date of entry of the foreigner is compulsory.

ANSWER: Reciprocity of insurance premiums from foreign countries in the international social security agreements made on the basis of nationality who can prove that their countries continue to be paid until the period prescribed in the contracts are exempt from social security obligations in Turkey.

ANSWER: Foreign employers are obliged to inform the Ministry within fifteen days at the latest from the date on which the foreigner starts working.  If the foreigner does not start working within thirty days following the work permit, the employers are obliged to inform the Ministry within fifteen days at the latest. Foreigners who work independently are obliged to inform the Ministry within fifteen days from the date they started working or the end of the study.  In case of termination of the service contract for any reason, the employers are obliged to inform the Ministry within fifteen days at the latest.  The foreigner who works with the foreign worker who works independently and the foreign worker who does not fulfil the above-mentioned notification obligations within the deadline shall be given an administrative fine for each foreigner separately.

ANSWER: Due to the increasing number of work permit applications to the Ministry for the employment of foreign nationals in-home services, it has been decided that the following restrictions will be imposed in order to prevent the abuse of the subject and the security of the foreigners allowed.  Foreign employees shall not be allowed in households except for old people and patient care or those who have little children.  It must be proved by a medical report that there is a disease requiring care.  Male foreigners are not allowed to work in residences unless they require serious care.

ANSWER: Work permits can be granted to foreigners through a specific workplace or business. There is no permit system that allows foreigners to work in any workplace they want. Work permit applications must be made by the employer who wants to employ foreign persons.

ANSWER: Work permits to foreigners are granted to work in a particular workplace or residence, and if the foreigner leaves the workplace, the permit is no longer valid. As a foreigner who has a work permit alongside an employer cannot work in another workplace with the same permit, the new employer has to apply to the Ministry for work permits and obtain a new work permit to work in his/her own workplace. If the new employer requests the work permit for this foreigner to be evaluated positively by the Ministry, the previous work permit is cancelled.

ANSWER: The employer’s applications for the cancellation of the work permits issued by the Ministry will be made via the system on the internet. The request for cancellation shall be processed in the event that the application signed by the employer or his/her representative (such as the date and the reason for the date of the petition shall be indicated) is uploaded to the system as a pdf document. Cancellations Applications can be entered into the system with the e-government password; Application Operations menu Application Follow-up option will be executed by clicking on View Status – Permission Cancel Request button.    The petition uploaded to the system will not be sent to the Ministry in the paper.

ANSWER: The work permit applications to be made to the Ministry shall be made in an electronic environment and signed with the other documents specified in the annexe of the Regulation and signed in the paper. For applications made through our foreign representatives, it is mandatory for the employer in Turkey to make an electronic work permit application online within 10 business days and within the same 10 business days, the required documents must be delivered to the Ministry.

ANSWER: In this case, it is necessary to renew the foreign application, to obtain a new reference number and to send the signed documents to the Ministry via electronic application within 10 working days. However, a new foreign application cannot be made within 30 days after the previous foreign application date.

ANSWER: For the foreigners in our country, a visa cannot be applied from abroad. Domestic applications can only be made for foreigners who have a residence permit for at least 6 months except for those given for an associate degree and undergraduate education.

ANSWER: Based on Article 13 of the Implementing Regulation of Law No. 4817, evaluation criteria have been determined by the Ministry. According to this, employment of at least five Turkish citizens is compulsory for each foreigner in the workplace where a work permit is demanded.

ANSWER: According to the work permit assessment criteria, at least five Turkish citizens are obliged to work for each foreigner in the workplace where a work permit is demanded. If the foreigner requesting permission is a company partner, the employment requirement for the five persons shall be sought for the last six months of an annual work permit to be issued by the Ministry.

ANSWER: Minimum wage levels are determined in accordance with the occupations and duties to foreigners who are requested to have a work permit. These fees are stated in Article 5 of the Evaluation Criteria included in the website of the Ministry.  Social security premium payments for foreigners should not be below this amount.

ANSWER: Foreign doctors have been enabled to work in Turkey with Statutory Decree no 663, for foreign doctors to be employed private health institutions Health preliminary (occupational competency) permission is received from the Ministry of Health (Provincial Health Directorate) to apply for work permit to the Ministry together with the certificate and work permits are issued to those found suitable. If the foreigner who has a work permit has graduated from a medical faculty abroad, a certificate of diploma equivalence must be submitted.

ANSWER: There is no need to obtain a work permit for internships which are required to be done due to university education. However, in this case, an official letter is to be taken from the relevant University or Faculty.

ANSWER: Do foreign board members or partners in joint-stock company with limited liability in Turkey, require work permits to be acquired from the Ministries. In addition, do foreign limited liability company managers whether or not they reside in Turkey require work permits from the Ministry.

ANSWER: Social security contributions must be paid in the full amount declared to the Ministry for the foreigners who are granted a work permit. Foreigners may work part-time on the condition that this obligation is fulfilled.

ANSWER: In case of change of trade name of the workplace or transfer of the workplace to another address, necessary changes can be made by the Ministry for work permit provided that the situation is proved by official documents (such as Chamber of Commerce).

ANSWER: In case the workplace is the main employer, the last 3 households following the last 23 digits will be entered as 000. In the case of subcontractors, this number can be learned from the relevant SSI Directorate.

ANSWER: If the applicant is the employer himself, ie the employer who is going to employ the foreigner is applying with his/her own e-government password (in which case, the household button should be selected), the “capital information” tab is not seen as the area to be filled. However, on behalf of the employer, if a 3. person is applying with the e-government password as a user, then if the OTHER button is selected, not the household, the amounts on the capital information tab should be written as zero and this tab must be passed.

ANSWER: Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). However, it is reported that there is not a person who will be brought by the foreigner to be brought late can cause problems. Therefore, it is necessary to fill in the information as soon as possible in contact with the foreigner.

ANSWER: After the registration process of the user is completed, an e-mail message is sent to the e-mail address of the user registration. Once this message has been received, it is necessary to enter the system again and complete the application by entering the information of the foreigner and the employer. If the mail address given when creating the user account is incorrect, it can be re-entered and changed. Incoming information message from time to time can be perceived as unnecessary (spam) by computers. In this case, the applicant should also check the “Spam” folder.

ANSWER: In the case of pressing the Complete Application button, the text of the person will be shown which documents should be sent separately.  The person will have this information when he/she reads and clicks the confirm this text button.

ANSWER: The application ID number is generated automatically by the system when the electronic application is started in the next step after the User Account has been opened. This part of the form can be filled in manually after the application is completed. This six-digit number is also on the barcode at the head of the “Foreign Personnel Application Form”, which is printed out after the application is completed.