Construction Staff

ASA Manpower carries out the procurement of foreign personnel and works permit procedures with its expert staff in many categories such as installer, engineer, painter, carpenter, construction machine operator and construction staff.

If the employee you are looking for is in Turkey :

The application must be made to the Department of Work Permits of Foreigners in Ankara. First, you must complete the online application on behalf of your personnel on the official website of the Ministry. Within 6 days following your online application, you must submit all the documents you use in the application for foreign personnel to a file and forward it to the competent departments of the ministry.

If the employee you are looking for is in your own country :

The first application is made to the Turkish Consulate General of the country where the foreign personnel is a national. You can make a reference by using the reference number from the ministry’s official website. You must complete your application within the first 10 days following the reference number given in the foreigner work permit applications. If your application is not completed, your application for a work permit will be cancelled and you will need to get a reference number again.

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