Elderly Care/Housekeeping

It is, of course, a difficult decision to trust our closest relatives who need help to other people in today’s conditions. At this point, we provide foreign carers and domestic servants with experience and professional service backgrounds. We select the people who combine the responsibility and the discipline of the work with their experience carefully and bring to our country legally on behalf of you for the person you need.

We provide services throughout the whole process together with our professional team for your foreign personnel needs.


In our country, the occupations which will be performed by foreigners who will work in-home services are restricted by certain laws.

If you want to employ a foreign worker in your home, this person is only allowed to work in your household for child care, aged care or patient care. However, foreign personnel who will work in-home services should be female unless they need high physical power.

It is mandatory that during application that you have a child under the age of 15, an elder over 60 years old or a person whose illness has been approved and reported by a doctor and that the person being looked after is a 1st degree relative of the applicant.

The employee must have a residence permit during the work permit application to the Ministry of Labor. Residence permits are given in our country in accordance with the Provincial Police Directorates and new legislation.m

Application forms are divided into two as domestic work permit application and work permit application abroad.

If the employee you are looking for is in Turkey :

The application must be made to the Department of Work Permits of Foreigners in Ankara. First, you must complete the online application on behalf of your personnel on the official website of the Ministry. Within 6 days following your online application, you must submit all the documents you use in the application for foreign personnel to a file and forward it to the competent departments of the ministry.


If the employee you are looking for is in your own country :

The first application is made to the Turkish Consulate General of the country where the foreign personnel is a national. You can make a reference by using the reference number from the ministry’s official website. You must complete your application within the first 10 days following the reference number given in the foreigner work permit applications. If your application is not completed, your application for a work permit will be cancelled and you will need to get a reference number again.

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