Electronic Signature and REM Address

E-Signature And REM Address Allocation Operations

In 2018, the amendments were made to the work permit policies of the General Directorate of International Labor. The Work Permits for Foreigners Application System was renewed and the Application was opened on 26.02.2018. In the new system, the first registrations of the establishments will be made by the SGK e-Declaration Officers and then these persons will be able to authorise the applicants and companies on behalf of their companies or institutions. Applications should be made via e-government system via electronic signature. It is obligatory for the applicant (the employer or his representative) to have any work permit application and the foreigner who has an independent or indefinite working permit requesting an electronic notice. In the absence of the applicant’s Electronic signature and REM account, the work permit application will not be possible.


REM Account Obligation

It is the registered e-mail address obtained from the Registered Electronic Mail Service Provider authorised by the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Registered Electronic Mail System published in the Official Gazette No. 28036 dated 25/8/2011. According to this, it is obligatory for the foreigner who has a working permit to work in the name of the employer who has applied for a work permit or independent work permit from within the country for all kinds of work permits to be made from Turkey and abroad. You can reach detailed information about Registered Electronic Mail (REM) at www.btk.gov.tr 


Electronic Signature Obligation

In accordance with the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070, the Secure Electronic Signature was accepted as equivalent to the handwritten signature and the data created with the Secure Electronic Signature shall be deemed to be the definitive evidence until contradictory proof is proved.

In this context, in order to maintain the integrity and security of the data submitted to our Ministry for work permit applications, and to record the accuracy of the applicant’s information, work permit applications of foreigners must be made by Electronic Signature within the scope of Electronic Signature Law No. 5070.


Rem is a system that allows formal correspondence to be made in an electronic environment in accordance with the legislation, in international standards and technically safe.

In addition to general e-mail services to users;

– Sending time

– Sender and recipient IDs

– Delivery time

– Read time

– The system that will maintain the integrity of the content and legally valid set of evidence.


As defined in Electronic Signature Law No. 5070, the electronic signature identifies electronic data that has been added to another electronic data or is logically linked to electronic data and used for authentication purposes. The electronic signature consists of letters, characters or symbols that guarantee the information to be communicated to third parties in an environment that is not accessible to the third parties by means of electronic or similar means without compromising integrity (in the original form the party transmitting the information) and that the parties are authenticated.

The concept of an electronic signature is a very general definition and includes digital signatures that contain the biometric measures that are used to record the biological characteristics of people, such as eye retina, fingerprint or sound, or digital signatures that ensure the integrity and identity of the parties.

The digital signature differs according to the signed text, and the content is obtained by passing through mathematical functions to find a value that is thought to be unique. In other words, people do not have a single signature as in a hand-signed signature, but instead, have keys to sign.

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