Permission to Employ Foreign Personnel

Asa Manpower supports our customers who want to employ foreign personnel in their companies with our specialised staff. We do all the work permits of your foreign personnel and we prevent you from being lost between documents.
ASA consultancy first examines whether legal and natural persons seeking to obtain work permits are in compliance with the terms and conditions required to obtain work permits. We advise our customer by specifying the reasons for the employee who cannot obtain a work permit or have a low chance. In this way, we prevent the loss of labour, time and money of our customers.

If the staff and company are eligible to get work permits, ASA Manpower shall;

  • Provides you with the necessary documents for the application and ensures that the documents are prepared as required by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Apply online to the Ministry of Labor for you.
  • The Ministry of Labor submits the files to the Department of Work Permits of Foreigners for you.
  • Keeps track of the files in order to prevent any problems that may occur in the Ministry until the work permit is issued.
  • Informs you when you have a work permit and allows your permission to reach your address.
  • Informs your staff about their insurance transactions.

Before contacting ASA Manpower, you can find out from our experts whether your company is eligible for foreign work permits.

All foreign nationals who wish to work in our country are prohibited by law without a work permit and work permits which allow foreign personnel to work legally are regulated by article 4 of Law No. 4817and Ministry of Labor.

If you want to employ a foreign staff in your workplace or home, your business or home must meet the criteria the Ministry looks for in the companies/houses that will employ foreign personnel.

1. 5 Turkish nationals are obliged to employ a work permit for each foreign personnel at the workplace. The person who will receive work permit is sought for the last 6 months of a 1-year work permit given to 5 Turkish citizens.

2.  The Company’s paid-in capital must be minimum 100,000 TL. If the enterprise does not comply with this criterion, the gross sales of the last year should be 800,000 TL or the operating export should be USD $ 250,000.

3.  While article 2 is not sought for Foundations and Associations, the education sector and other Turkish airline representatives are exempted from article 1 and 2.

4. The minimum capital share of the Company shareholders must be 20%, but this figure should be at least 40,000 TL.

5. When calculating the amount of salary to be paid to the personnel by the enterprise, the overlap of the personnel with the work and competence to be performed should be taken into consideration. The salary to be paid is calculated on the basis of the minimum wage applicable at the date of application and the minimum wage is 1.5 times the minimum wage.

6. The execution of professions requiring specialisation such as masseurs and SPA therapists is only permitted if the enterprise in question is at least a certified 4-star hotel or holiday village certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

7. In the roles where the tourism animation organisation companies and the entertainment sector require proficiency (animator, etc.), if the enterprise employs 10 Turkish citizens, the criteria of 5 Turkish citizens will not be sought for each foreigner.

8. While evaluating the work permits of foreign personnel who will work in the procurement of goods and services of public institutions, the criteria in articles 1 and 2 are not sought.

9. In cases where a Turkish expert cannot be found in the required qualifications or in the studies requiring high technology, articles 1 and 2 will not be sought with the approval of the General Directorate. ( Capital and Turkish citizens employment)

10. The property will be assessed if the feature is significant potential FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT outside the business in foreign key personnel to work in business in Turkey by considering the number of workers in all workplaces.

There is no obstacle to applying for a work permit for foreign personnel if your business meets the above-stated criteria.

You can find out from our experts whether your company is eligible for a foreign work permit by calling ASA Consultant prior to your application.

(1) Provisions stipulated in special laws shall be reserved and provided that the foreigner and the employer fulfil their obligations under other laws;

  1. a) Turkey is a party to bilateral or multilateral agreements are exempted from the work permit,
  2. b) Foreigners whose permanent place of residence is abroad that will come to turkey for less than a month for scientific, cultural and artistic activities and less than four months for sportive activities,
  3. c) Installation of imported machinery and equipment to Turkey, maintenance and repair, receive training on the use of grant or equipment malfunctions or for the repair of vehicles in Turkey; (Amended statement: RG-22/1 / 2015-29244) from the date of entry into Turkey to exceed a total of three months in a year and the condition of incoming documents to be submitted to prove with this situation,
  4. d) Exported from Turkey or imported to Turkey goods and education (Amended statement: RG-22/1/2015-29244) on the use of services to more than three months within one year from the date of entry into Turkey and provided to prove with documents to be submitted to the situation of those in Turkey,
  5. e) Licensed to operate outside the boundaries of business tourism trade fairs and shows and similar officials in circuses as to exceed six months from the date of entry into Turkey and those who provided the documents to be submitted to prove this situation,
  6. f) Foreigners who come to increase their knowledge and experience for universities, public institutions and organisations by proving their status with documents not to exceed two years and limited to the duration of education,
  7. g) Socio-cultural and important services to Turkey in a period not exceeding six months in subjects with technological training and those reported by the relevant authorities may contribute,
  8. h) Foreigners who wish to come for the duration of the programs carried out by the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center (National Agency),
  9. i) Foreigners to work as interns in line with the scope and duration of internship programs agreed by the Ministry, the Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Affairs and the Council of Higher Education,
  10. j) Foreign tour operator representatives travelling to Turkey whose incumbency shall not pass eight months,
  11. k) The Turkey Football Federation of Youth and Sports General Directorate of demands or eligible foreign players and other athletes and coaches during the duration of their contract,
  12. l) According to the I / 10 Rules of the International Convention on Education, Certification and Shift Standards provided by Gemiadamları, foreign seafarers working on ships operating in and out of the cabotage line of Turkish International Ship Registry, which has received a Certificate of Conformity Approval from the relevant administration,
  13. m) Foreign experts assigned to projects carried out in the context Turkey-EU Financial Cooperation Program during the duration of their work are not required to obtain work permits.


If foreign architects, engineers and city planners who are subject to exemption provisions exceed the service period of one month, they should complete their academic and professional qualifications, get a work permit from the Ministry, be a temporary member of the relevant professional organisation and comply with the practices of national institutions and organisations.

The definite work permit is granted for a maximum of one year to work in a specific workplace or business and a specific occupation, depending on the situation in the labour market, developments in the working life, sectoral and economic conjuncture related to the employment, and the duration of the service of the foreigner or the duration of the work.

After one year legal working period; the duration of the work permit can be extended by a maximum of “two years“ to work in the same office or in the same business and in the same profession.

At the end of a three-year statutory period of work, the duration of the work permit may be extended by a maximum of, three years in order to work with the employer of his/her choice.

In accordance with Article 27 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458, valid work permits also replace residence permits.

Those who retain the right to a long term residence permit in accordance with Law no 6458 or those who have remained in Turkey uninterrupted for eight years or who has eight years of uninterrupted legal work while the rights of foreigners who received indefinite work permits before 11/4/2014. Foreigners who are allowed to work indefinitely benefit from the rights provided by the long-term residence permit.

In case the workplace or the workplace address of the foreigner working indefinitely changes, the Ministry shall be notified to the Ministry within fifteen days at the latest. The Ministry shall inform the relevant authorities by making necessary changes in the work permit which is indefinite according to the information and documents sent.

Foreigners who will work independently for at least five years for which they have resided legally and continuously in Turkey may be given an independent work permit on the condition that work creates added value in terms of economic development and job creation.

In order to be taken into consideration in the evaluation of the application for an independent work permit, the documents that prove that the activity of the foreigner shall have sufficient income for the national economy and the activity to be exercised by the foreigner shall be submitted to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security together with the application.

Foreign company partners and company owners who do not meet the requirements for an independent work permit can be granted permanent work permits.

For more information please contact us.

Work Permit of Deported Foreigners


Can foreigners who have been deported enter Turkey? This question is on the mind of many foreign nationals as well as employers and relatives in Turkey. The important thing here is why the foreigner was deported.

If the foreigner was deported from our country due to involvement in infamous crime they may not re-enter Turkey until the date their entry restriction has ended, however if the person was deported due to a visa violation, which is the most common reason for the deportation of foreigners, obtaining a work permit shall lift the person’s entry restriction.  In case the foreigner who is deported finds a job in our country, his/her deportation is removed with a work permit without considering the period of prohibition of entry. The visa violation fine for the extra time the person stayed in Turkey is calculated and the foreigner is not allowed to enter our country unless the required fine is paid.  The work permit application must be submitted to the Ministry of Labor in Ankara following the application of the foreigner to the Turkish Embassy in his/her home country for his/her work visa. After the approval of this work permit, the foreigner must return to the Embassy the first application was made to get the visa affixed to his/her passport and may travel to Turkey however must pay any previous fines from visa violations. Otherwise, entry into our country is not permitted.  Please contact us for information on foreign work permits.



How are work permits extended?​

As ASA Consultancy, we are at your side with our professional staff for your work permit extension requests. Pursuant to Article 5 of the relevant By-Law; work permit and time extension applications must be made primarily in an electronic environment. Within this scope, in order for the work permit or time extension applications accepted by the system to be accepted and approved by the system, your application file must be submitted to the Ministry of Labor together with the other documents specified in the annexe of the Regulation within six working days following its approval. In order to extend the duration of a work permit granted by the Ministry; the extension of the work permit must be submitted within two months of the expiry of the work permit. In case of extension of the work permit, the start date of the extended work permit is the date on which the expired work permit expires.

ASA Manpower allows you to send your work permit card to your address by processing all these operations on your behalf.

For more information please contact us.


How to apply for work permit abroad ?
Work permit applications made outside of Turkey from the foreigner’s country of residency are categorised as work permit applications from abroad and must be first done through a Turkish Embassy in their own country. In accordance with the regulation prepared in 2016, foreign personnel must apply for a preliminary permit appointment by presenting the contract signed with the employer and other necessary documents before applying for a work visa application. Our company performs these operations on behalf of its customers and prevents any problems that may be experienced. On the appointment date, the documents prepared by us are accepted at the embassy as an application and the reference number to be used in Turkey for application of a work permit with the Labour and Social Security Ministry is given.

The validity period of the reference number given by the representative of the Republic of Turkey is 10 business days and during this time the application for a work permit must be done in paper to the Ministry of Labour. Otherwise, the work permit application will be rejected by the Ministry.

The examination duration of the file is 20 to 30 days, during which the result is communicated to the applicant.

In the event that the application is approved, the Ministry informs our Consulates online, and the work permit card is prepared by the Ministry and sent to your address after the foreign employee has paid the fee determined for their country to the Consulate.

ASA Consultancy follows up the application process with its expert staff both in Turkey and abroad and minimises all risks by minimising risks and prevents loss of time and money.  Please contact us for further information.

Work Permit Applications Done Domestically


Applications to be made domestically; excluding residence permits for education in Turkey, applications for anyone who has received a residence permit for at least “six months” and has expired or these foreigners” employers can apply through the Labour and Social Security Ministry. In this context, the work permit issued pursuant to applications made by foreigners, are not required to get a work visa through Turkey’s foreign representations. Pursuant to Article 5 of the relevant By-Law; work permit applications have to be made in the electronic environment. In order for the work permit applications to be valid and approved by the system and approved by the system, the work permit application file must be prepared as requested by the Ministry and submitted to the Ministry in paper form. This must be done within six working days following the approval of the application, otherwise, the application is not approved by the Ministry. ASA Manpower follows the entire application process with its expert staff and performs all operations on your behalf, minimising risks and preventing your time and money losses.

Furthermore, foreigners who have arrived in Turkey with touristic visas or other non-work related visas or visa waiver programs between two countries or other visa facilitators may not apply for a work permit domestically.

Please contact us for further information.


Sectors and Work Permits

While work permit applications for foreign personnel vary for different sectors depending on the legislation in effect and provide facilitation for certain foreigners to work in specific sectors however certain sectors and occupations require approval to be gotten from various Government Institutions during the necessary actions or prior to application. You may contact us through one of our provided telephone numbers to get information on sector-specific applications.