Residence Permit Application

Residence Permit Application Procedures

ASA Manpower, a residence permit to all provinces of Turkey serves on the application process.
There are some rights and obligations of the foreign person in the implementation of the rules of international law and national law in our country. One of the most important grounds for establishing a legal link between the foreign person and our country is the residence permit.
It will soon be possible to obtain the residence permit applications from the Turkish consulates in the country where the foreigners are citizens or legally resident, and this situation will be announced. Until this stage, the residence permit applications for foreigners are taken from the Provincial Directorate of Migration.

Foreigners who have a valid residence permit will be able to enter or leave the country free of visa permit.

The foreigner may extend a residence permit if the necessary conditions are still met when the permit expires or to provide the necessary conditions for another residence permit, the foreign person is allowed time to stay in Turkey without the need to leave the country of residence by going to the provincial governor.

In the application for the residence permit application, according to the application of Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection, the accompaniment application has been abolished and the application and permit of each foreigner will be arranged separately.

Applications for a residence permit may be made by the foreigner in person or through a legal representative or a lawyer of the foreigner. However, in accordance with the initiative given to the administrative unit in this regard, the applicant may request the presence of a foreigner during the application.
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Types of Residence Permit

Foreigners who have a strong suspicion of being or could be a victim of human trafficking shall be granted a thirty-day residence permit by the governors. In the granting of this permit, the conditions required in other residence permits are not sought. The permits of trafficking victims may be extended for a maximum of six months, but these periods shall not exceed three years. In the event that it is determined that the foreigners with this residence permit have reconnected with the perpetrators of the crime on their own initiative, the residence permits shall be cancelled.

Family residence permit, the sponsor in Turkey (Turkish citizens, within the scope of Article 28 of Law No. 5901, of the refugees and subsidiary protection status of the owners have a residence permit); foreign spouse, he or his wife, or child, or adult who is in need of care. The mentioned supporter must have valid health insurance for all family members, have an income to provide no less than one third of the minimum wage, must not have committed any crimes against the family in the last five years proven by a criminal record, have resided in Turkey for at least one year and have a registered address in the system. If the sponsor has more than one wife, only one of the spouses and the children can all be allowed. The duration of the family residence permit is granted for a maximum period of two years at a time and cannot exceed the duration of the residence permit of the sponsor. Children under 18 have the right to education with the family residence permit in Turkey in primary and secondary education institutions. Those who have left this permit for at least three years can turn to a short term residence permit upon their 18th birthday. Divorce may be granted if it is a short-term residence for at least three years, it has become the family residence permit in Turkey but foreign spouses in domestic violence because of who proved to be a victim by a court decision does not apply to this requirement. The disappearance requirements set by the article 35 of the relevant law from residing in Turkey with this permission, the total face of marriage and eighty days who are abroad will be cancelled residence permits if it is determined by the governor it is made for permission to mere residence in the past year.

The humane residence permit is granted and extended by the governorships, with the approval of the Ministry and with a maximum period of one year. The conditions for granting other residence permits are not sought inhumane residence permits, and the governor’s office initiates humane residence procedures if:

  • In the case of the best interests of the child,
  • Rights in Turkey ban on entry or deportation decision was taken even though, cannot be built in the foreigner’s exit from Turkey or of leaving Turkey were not possible or reasonable,
  • In cases where it is not possible to expel the foreigner (Regulated in Article 55. of the relevant Law)
  • In the process of continuing the applicant’s return to the first asylum country or a safe third country,
  • Due to emergency reasons or national interests of protecting public order and public safety in terms of entry to Turkey and foreigners should be allowed to remain in Turkey, due to circumstances that preclude granting a residence permit in the absence of the possibility of getting one of the other residence permits,
  • In exceptional cases.

Foreigners who have received a humane residence permit must register to the address registration system within twenty business days after the date of the permit. In addition, persons who have a humane residence permit may apply for one of the other residence permits, with the exception of a long-term residence permit, within the period of their authorisation. If the conditions that require the permission of the Ministry to be approved by the Ministry are cancelled, the Humane residence permit shall be annulled and not extended by the governors.

In order to be able to arrange a short term residence permit, a number of conditions are sought in the foreigner. They are to submit information and documents related to the purpose of the foreigners stay in Turkey, shall not be in the list of foreigners not allowed in Turkey specified in Article 7 of the relevant Law, shall have housing conditions in appropriate safety and general health, is required to be citizen or legal residence authorised in the country, to provide proof of the criminal record, provide address information to reside in Turkey to the authorities.


Short-term residence permits are listed below:

  • Foreigners who will come for scientific research,
  • Foreigners immovable property located in Turkey,
  • Foreigners who will establish business or business connection,
  • Foreigners who will participate in the in-service training program,
  • Agreements signed by the Republic of Turkey or foreigners who are coming for educational or similar purposes in the framework of student exchange programs,
  • Foreigners who will remain for tourism purposes, (Foreigners who declare that they will stay for tourism purposes, first of all, how they will provide their livelihood and clarify where they will reside.)Foreigners who will be treated provided that they do not carry one of the diseases considered as a threat to public health,
  • Depending on the judicial or administrative authorities or decisions of the foreign demand should remain in Turkey
  • Foreigners who will be granted a short term residence permit if they lose the conditions of family residence permit,
  • Foreigners who will participate in Turkish learning courses. (These foreigners can be granted a residence permit up to two times.)Foreigners attending through training, research, foreigners who participate in internships and courses, public institutions
  • Foreigners who apply within six months from the date of completing the graduation of higher education in Turkey. (These foreigners may be granted a one-year residence permit for a period of one year only.)

Short-term is found to be used outside of a residence permit for administration purposes, a foreign person to stay a total of 120 days over abroad in the last year or deportation for foreigners or not in cases where the presence of prohibited entry to Turkey, if it has been given it will be revoked, if expired it will not be extended.

Aile ikamet izni, Türkiye’de bulunan destekleyicinin (Türk vatandaşlarının, 5901 sayılı Kanunun 28. Maddesi kapsamında olanların, ikamet izni sahiplerinin mültecilerin ve ikincil koruma statüsü sahiplerinin); yabancı eşine, kendisinin veya eşinin ergin olmayan ya da ergin ancak bakıma muhtaç çocuğuna verilir.

Bahsi geçen destekleyicinin; tüm aile fertlerini kapsayan geçerli sağlık sigortası, fert başına asgari ücretin üçte birinden az olmamak kaydıyla aylık gelire sahip olması, son beş yıl içinde aile düzenine karşı suç işlememiş olduğunu adli sicil kaydıyla belgelemesi, az bir yıl Türkiye’de ikamet etmesi ve adres kayıt sistemine kayıtlı olması gerekmektedir.

Destekleyicinin birden fazla eşi olması durumunda eşlerden birine, çocukların ise hepsine bu izin verilebilir.

Aile ikamet izni süresi her defasında en fazla iki yıllık sürelerle verilir ve destekleyicinin ikamet izni süresini aşamaz.

Aile ikamet izni altında Türkiye’de bulunan 18 yaş altı çocuklar ilk ve orta öğretim kurumlarında eğitim hakkına sahip olurlar. En az üç yıl bu izinle kalanlar 18 yaşını tamamladıktan sonra istemeleri halinde kısa dönem ikamet iznine geçiş yapabilirler.

Boşanma halinde ise yabancı eşe en az üç yıl aile ikamet izniyle Türkiye’de kalmış olması haline kısa dönem ikamet izni verilebilir ancak aile içi şiddet nedeniyle mağdur olduğunu mahkeme kararıyla ispat edenlerde bu şart aranmaz.

Bu izinle Türkiye’de ikamet edenlerden kanunun 35. Maddesinde aranan şartların ortadan kalması, son bir yıl içinde toplam yüz seksen gün yurt dışında bulunanların ve evliliğin sırf ikamet izni almak için yapıldığının valiliklerce tespit edilmesi halinde ikamet izinleri iptal edilir.

Student residence permits are given to foreign students who will be educated at all levels in our country.  In accordance with the provisions of Article 39 of the Residence Permits Law, which will be given at the primary and secondary education level, it is given for one year from the beginning of the education to the beginning of the next academic year. (Foreigners who will be educated at the Primary and Secondary level with a family residence permit can continue their education without having to obtain a residence permit until the age of 18 years. Students who have reached the age of 18 and still continue their education at the secondary level are required to have a residence permit.)  Pre-Bachelor, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Medical Specialisation Training (TUS), Specialist Education in Dentistry (DUS) levels of the students who will be educated in terms of legislation and the student unless otherwise requested by the student are granted a residence permit to cover the entire duration of the training.  Student Residence Permit for foreign students coming to our country for education or internship within the scope of EU Education and Youth Programs (Erasmus + Programs); others will be given short-term residence permits. (TÖMER) According to Article 31 of the Law, foreign students coming to our country in order to receive Turkish education are given a Short Term Residence Permit in a manner not exceeding one (1) year and in any case at least twice (2). Students should consider this situation when obtaining a residence permit for TÖMER.  Student residence permit applications are included in domestic applications. It is envisaged that student residence permit applications will be made directly from abroad in the following periods. Foreigners who apply for a residence permit in accordance with Law No. 5510 are covered by general health insurance if they make a request within 3 months of the first registration date. Applications for extension of a residence permit shall be made 60 days before the end of the residence permit period and in any case before the end of the residence permit period to the governorships (provincial security directorates). In case of failure to provide an acceptable excuse if the application is not made in time, the student is deported.  Associate degree students studying in our country, undergraduate students at the end of the first year, master and doctorate students can work directly by obtaining a work permit. In the scope of Special Student, foreigners who are registered in any higher education institution in our country are given a short term residence permit provided that they document their situation. The applications for the residence permit of those who have not completed their maximum education period but who cannot graduate from the right to enter the examinations are considered within the scope of the short term residence permit.

If evidence proving that the education cannot continue or that the residence permit is being used outside of its reason for issue or that this permit was only being used as a means to stay in Turkey the “Student Residency Permit” will be cancelled ex officio by governorships.

Long-term residence permit having lived uninterruptedly for eight years in Turkey, has not been receiving social assistance for the last three years, adequate and regular source of income and have a valid health insurance, creating a threat to public order and safety, immigration policy excluding foreigners deemed appropriate by the Board, be given to foreigners.  In calculating the uninterrupted eight years specified in the conditions, half of the duration of the student residence permit stated in Article 38  of the law and all other residence permits are counted. Foreigners with long-term residence permits may benefit from the rights granted to Turkish nationals, without prejudice to their right to do military service, to elect and to be elected, to enter into public office and to import exempt vehicles and to exempt from the rights in respect to social security, except for special laws.  In accordance with Article 45 of the Law, courtesy of resident foreigners who stay long-term health in Turkey, if located outside of compulsory education and the country of Turkey continuously for more than one-year residence permit will be cancelled with the exception of public service. In the event that the foreigner poses a serious threat to public order and security, it cannot be reapplied for the resettled residence permits. The cancellation of long-term residence permits is made after the approval of the Ministry by the governorships.  For long-term residence permits cancelled, applications will be made to the consulates abroad and to the governorships in Turkey. Courtesy of eight years of uninterrupted residence in the application again must not be sought again to stay in Turkey and applications will be evaluated as a priority and will be finalised at the latest within a month.