Subcontractor Services

Asa Manpower Payrolling Service


Asa Manpower provides payrolling service that helps with the responsibilities of the human resources service you manage, such as payroll, social benefits, and employee wages. By making an agreement with Asa Manpower, you can manage your payroll staff located in Turkey effectively. You can minimize the risks associated with your payroll and taxes, and stay legally compliant.


When you make use of the Asa Manpower payrolling service, you do not have to waste time with employment formalities, including work visa, social security registration, etc.

Our payrolling service has been designed for your employees that will be on a temporary basis, we provide services to not only reduce risks relating to payrolls and taxes but also with our partner-employer model we reduce risks relating to Turkish Labour Law, Occupational Health and Safety Laws, Social Security Legislation and other relevant Turkish legislation. Employees from the date of their accession will start to benefit from the Turkish Social Security System. Contact us for details.


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