Turquoise Card

Thanks to our Turquoise card consultancy service, we enable very economical Turquoise card applications. In the event that your application is approved and you are accepted to the Turquoise card program, we also manage the three-year Transition Process.


We provide you with a contract written in Turkish and in your language in order for the services you receive from us are under guarantee.


If you think that you have one of the conditions stated below, please send us your information by using the contact form, our consultants will contact you soon and provide the necessary information.



  • Regarded as a highly qualified labour force in respect to education level, salary, vocational knowledge and experience, contribution to science and technology and qualifications so on,
  • Regarded as highly qualified investors in respect of investment or export level, the size of the employment to be provided, contribution to the scientific and technological development, and qualifications so on,
  • Scientist or researcher who contributes to scientific and technological development or who conducts studies and researches at the international level that are accepted as strategical for the interests of our country in the field of science, industry and technology,
  • Showed success in terms of cultural, artistic or sportive activities at the international level,
  • Contribute to the international recognition or promotion of Turkey or Turkish culture, and engage in activities relating to the national interests of Turkey at international level.



  • For foreigners regarded as qualified labour force, diploma, employment contract, resume, appointment or assignment letter, professional experience, internationally recognized foreign language certificates ​​other than the mother tongue and etc.,
  • For the foreign investors regarded as qualified investors, the investment size, the level of employment, the amount of export, the business financial sufficiency, the documents showing the region, sector and subject of business and etc.,
  • For the scientist or researcher, diploma, academic career and title, academic studies or licenses, trademark or patent documents and etc.,
  • For foreigners who have succeeded nationally or internationally in terms of cultural, artistic or sports activities, certificate of achievement and etc.,
  • For foreigners who contribute to the recognition or promotion of Turkey or Turkish culture: Documents related to the activities carried out internationally as Turquoise volunteers, documents related to promotional activities including information on literary and artistic works, duration, maintainability, continuity and scope and etc.

You can contact us for further details…