Working as a Foreign Carer in Home Services

Working as a Foreign Carer in Home Services


If you intend to employ a foreign national caregiver for elderly or childcare at your home, this page will help you get a general overview of work permit procedures.


The Conditions of Employing Foreign Carers at Home


You cannot employ foreign staff as a housekeeper, dishwasher, maid and server. Only child care, elderly care and patient care can be done by foreign nationals.

  • Children under 15 (Fifteen) years of age who have a child as a babysitter on condition that you can get permission.
  • He/she may get permission on the condition that he or she has a general care of someone older than 65 years in a house, provided that he/she has a relative or first-degree relative.
  • For patients who are younger than 65 years of age, but who are stable with a doctor’s report, first-degree relatives may obtain work permits from the foreigner’s carer, provided that they are operated in the care of the person concerned.

What should you pay attention to?


It is very important whether the caregiver you are planning to run has a residence permit. Getting a Work Permit for a carer with a residence permit is both easier and less costly.

The third paragraph of Article 21 of the Law no. 4817 on the obligations of the employer or employer’s representatives, who employ the foreigner without permission, regarding the deportation procedures shall be governed by this procedure. “The employer or employer representatives who employ foreigners who do not have work permits are given an administrative fine of five thousand Turkish Liras for each foreigner. In this case, the employer or the representative of the employer has to meet the expenses of the foreigners and their spouses and children, if necessary, the expenses for return to their countries and the health expenditures when necessary.”

Documents Required for Work Permit Application


If the applicant has a residency permit


  • Foreigners to be Employed in Home Services Employer Application, Home services application example
  • A copy of a residence permit for a foreign national, a residence permit card sample
  • Copy of the passport of the foreigner (Turkish translation is required)
  • A photograph of the foreigner (taken in the last six months)
  • Photocopy of the identity card of the employer
  • Detailed population registration sample of the employer and the settlement document indicating the address of the foreigner from the regıonal authority.
  • KEP address and electronic signature of the employer


Information to be prepared


  • E-mail address of the employer:
  • The school the foreigner graduated from:
  • The department the foreigner graduated from:
  • Foreigner’s phone number:
  • Foreigner’s marital status:
  • Foreigner’s Foreign residence address:
  • Foreigner’s domestic address of residence:
  • Information about the foreigner’s task at work:


The reason for the demand for foreign employment instead of Turkish citizens :

If the foreigner to be employed does not have a residence permit


If you want to get a work permit for foreigners without a residence permit, the candidate must get a reference number from the staff of the Turkish embassy in their own country, the application must be made to the Labor Ministry in Turkey with the reference number. The information and documents you need to prepare for this are as follows.


Required documents for the work permit application to the Consulate.


  • Consulate application form
  • Certain Term Contract (Home Services) (two copies are issued, one copy is given to the consulate.
  • Notary approved undertaking contract (regulated by the employer)
  • Birth Certificate (provided by foreign personnel)
  • Criminal record (supplied by foreign personnel)
  • If the foreign caretaker is at their home country the above documents are sent by post, if the candidate is in Turkey they must bring the documents to their home country as a package and deliver it in person. When your candidate goes to his/her own country, he/she should add the birth certificate and the criminal paper to this file and submit it to the Turkish embassy.


The necessary documents for the work permit application to the Ministry;


  • Foreigners to be Employed in Home Services Employer Application, Home services application example
  • Fixed Term Contract (Home Services)
  • A copy of the foreigner’s passport
  • A photograph of a foreigner (must be taken within the last 6 months.)
  • Photocopy of the identity card of the employer
  • The photocopy of the identity of the person to be cared for (If the person that requires care is old a health certificate is required.)
  • Example of employer population registration
  • Power of attorney if the application will be made by the consultant.

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